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That's Me

A little about me

I'm Eran,

Married to Hila and father of two: Rom Shlomo and Sol 

And of course Max the puppy ;)

Me and my camera have been inseparable for almost ten years, 

And I got to photograph a lot of weddings, parties, engagements, trash de dress, pregnancy photos, landscape photos and more in Israel and the world. 

I like to capture a natural and exciting moment, but for that to happen the subject of the photo needs to feel comfortable, and my couples feel the most comfortable with me-

And that is my added value.

So it's important to me that you feel comfortable because I believe that's where the most special photos come from.
I like to give my couples their spice and let their chemistry do the work.


The success of your event is important to me, so I and my professional team will give you personal support, warm treatment and limitless patience

אני אוהב לצלם בטבע אפילו אם זה פה ליד הבית
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