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חתן וכלה בשדה חמניות
לוגו- ערן אלרגנט צילום
עדי ודור 12.07_edited.png

ערן אלרגנט

צלם חתונות ואירועים

Come as you are

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My way in the world of photography
Started about ten years ago,  

And since then I have   developed a clean and natural line of thinking.
I learned to look for spontaneous and authentic moments, the ones that fill  My photos are in color and depth,
And the most important thing is to capture moments
that tell the story well,
And you can really feel the vibe through the picture.

This is how a special memory is created for you,
Living and breathing, of the wedding day.

I like to create art,
Take pictures in an innovative and creative way and always put an emphasis
on every detail of the image components.
I always  adapt myself to the situation, try to answer every request and implement every idea,
As crazy as it gets

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כלה מהממת שזכיתי לצלם
צילומי חוץ לעדי ודור אחד הזוגות הכייפים שיצא לי לצלם

© Eran Alergant-  Photographer


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